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Conservation Story

We love the outdoors and are committed to making a positive impact through conservation and environmental stewardship.

That is why we have partnered with Lake Tarawera Rat Control to help with their pest control efforts on the Tarawera Trail. Lake Tarawera was one of the first places in New Zealand to set up a community-controlled rat eradication program and now has over 500 bait stations and over 50 volunteers replenishing the bait stations year-round. Keeping on top of the rats helps our bird life to flourish which is hugely important for the overall health of our native bush.  

 More than a decade of rodent control has led to a greater abundance and diversity of bird life at Lake Tarawera. Independent contractors have carried out two bird counts – the first in 2005 and another in 2008. In 2005, only 16 different bird species were observed and a total of 472 birds were counted. By 2008, 897 birds were counted from 29 different species. Half of those counted in 2008 were native species, and tui, kereru, grey warbler and shining cuckoo numbers showed the greatest increase.”
– Bay Of Plenty Regional Council

A percentage of our profits are sown back into helping this organisation with their pest control costs, and we commit to volunteering around the lake each year.

Protecting the natural environment we use and enjoy.

We are all about helping you to make discoveries, get more from your tramping experience and even challenge you so that you can grow through the experience.

If we can plant a seed to inspire you to do more exploring in the outdoors, then we have been successful. We also aim to promote awareness of conservation in the outdoors and aid in personal self-discovery of our clients.

Escape with us.