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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Gold training and practice Camp – Rotorua Lakes

3 Days Rotorua Lakes

Our Gold Super Camp is our recommended way of completing your training and practice journey for your The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Gold Award – all in one go.

This Camp takes you on a three day adventure in the Rotorua Lakes.

Each day there will be approximately 8+ hours of purposeful activity each day (this will included tramping/camping/cooking). You will do a range of on-track and off-track activities designed to extend your knowledge of navigation, first aid, camp craft, cooking, team building, leadership skills, environmental stewardship and emergency procedures.

Our experienced instructors are passionate outdoor educators who have your safety and well-being at the top of their priorities.

Day 1
Gear check, Western Okataina, camp craft, debrief and route plan for the day ahead.

Day 2
Eastern Okataina and Northern Tarawera, debrief and route plan for the next day

Day 3
Tarawera Trail, debrief and travel back to Rotorua.


  • Day 1 - Gear Check/ Western Okataina / Camp Craft/ Debrief/ route plan / Debrief
  • Day 2 -Eastern Okataina and Northern Tarawera, Route plan / Debrief
  • Day 3 - Debrief / Tarawera Trail / Travel back to Rotorua


  • In depth Navigation / Route Planning training theory
  • In depth Navigation / Route Planning training practical (in field training)
  • Multi night trip in National Park
  • Tent or Backcountry Hutt accommodation provided.
  • Transportation provided.
  • Qualified Instructor / Assessor - small groups 1-10
  • Equipment provided if required - Packs / Tents / Cookers / Jackets
  • Basic First Aid and Emergency Procedures
  • Equipment Training - Camp Craft and Cooking
  • Team Building and Leadership skills
  • Environmental Stewardship
$400 per person

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Note: There are participant restrictions to run this trip.
Maximum: 20