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DOE Silver Adventurous Journey- Kaweka Forest Park

3 Days Kaweka Forest Park

 Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

This  Camp takes you on a three day journey through the Kaweka forest and is an amazing adventure. Each day there will be approximately 7+ hours of purposeful activity (this will include tramping/camping/cooking/navigation).

You will put your navigation knowledge to practice and is designed to extend your knowledge of navigation, route planning, leadership, environmental stewardship and outdoor survival skills.

Our experienced instructors are passionate outdoor educators who have your safety and well-being at the top of their priorities.

Day 1
Starts with a pre gear check to ensure everyone has the necessary equipment to stay safe in the outdoors and also checking packs are not too heavy. Our Instructors will give recommendations based upon their knowledge and expertise. Once we have completed the pre checks we will be heading to the start of our trail where the group will start to route plan and make decisions prior to starting the walk. Throughout the walk participants are expected to be involve in group discussions and decision making along the way. Once we arrive at out venue we will set up camp and make plans for the evening including meals and route planning for the following day.

Day 2
Will involve packing up and cleaning before leaving to the second venue. The group will manage time frames and navigation throughout the walk. Once we are at the venue we will set up and make plans for the final day.

Day 3
Will be similar to day 2 and this will be our final leg. Once finished we will travel home.



  • Day 1 - Gear Check /walking / Camp Craft/ Debrief / route plan
  • Day 2 -Clean and pack up/ Route plan/leadership and group management/camp craft/ debrief/ route plan
  • Day 3 - Clean and pack up/Route plan/leadership and group management/ end of the trail.


  • In depth Navigation / Route Planning training practical (in field training)
  • Tent or Backcountry Hut accommodation provided.
  • Transportation provided.
  • Qualified Instructor / Assessor - small groups
  • Equipment provided if required - Packs / Tents / Cookers / Jackets
  • Equipment Training - Camp Craft and Cooking
  • Team Building and Leadership skills
  • Environmental Stewardship
$260 per person

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Note: There are participant restrictions to run this trip.
Maximum: 11