Escape with us.

Cambodia School Trips

Escape on an adventurous journey school trip to Cambodia with us!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Escape Adventurous Journeys. In 2022,we will be offering individual and school group bookings to experience and discover Cambodia.

Whether you embrace an expedition experience or dive into our community and culture program, it’s time to meet Cambodia!

Uncover the country’s rich and complex cultural history as you dive into Angkor Wat’s jungle-clad ruins of the ancient Khmer kingdom, stroll past French colonial chic in Phnom Penh and witness the scars of the more recent Pol Pot regime.

There is history here that can’t be taught in the classroom. It’s not just culture on offer during your Cambodia trip, with steamy jungles, monkey filled forests, rice paddy fields and the beautiful Cardamom Mountains all awaiting the intrepid hiker. Live heart-warming moments with communities as you collaborate on local led initiatives to improve standards of education and access to vocational training.

Our school trips are all student lead, which is a little different to the usual school trip.

Under secure adult supervision, students are given freedom in planning their own adventurous escape, and learn valuable skills in budgeting, negotiation, planning, team-work and more. On arrival, they will be given the full cash budget for the trip, and in their team, will learn how to securely transport their money, budget and plan for their own adventure.

Escape Adventurous- Journeys believes student-centred learning develops a range of personal skills and resilience, and it is the ideal learning experience.

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in leading student groups, and are able to guide the students to make good decisions in a controlled environment, that leads to positive learning and development outcomes.

Don’t miss out! Choose to combine Cambodia with highlights of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries and create an epic adventure with double the passport stamps. Take in the scene with all the of sights, sounds, smells, motorbikes and monks before your journey  continues over another border

Girl sitting in ruin - Cambodia SChool TRips NZ
Fish cooked on a skewer in Cambodia.
Students crosing a river in Cambodia - Escape Adventurous Journeys School trips

Our Cambodia Escapes

Each trip involves three main parts – which the students can modify to suit their group:

We have two options for our Cambodia school trips:

20 Day Bespoke Escape

$7000 per person*

12 Day Bespoke Escape

$5000 per person

Our price is the total cost for the trip (subject to exchange rates and flight costs post Covid). The only additional things that you will need to cover are the vaccinations prior to departure, as well as your own personal travel insurance.

We are currently planning our Cambodia School trips for 2022. We are keeping aware of all Covid-19 related changes and will be making appropriate planning decisions as we go.

If you would like to be kept up to date about the status of the trip, please register your interest and we will add you to our mailing list.

Want to know more?

We would love to talk with you about our Cambodia trips. You can contact us here.