Escape with us.

Through a range of guided tramping experiences, guided camping trips, International Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme and training programmes, we are able to achieve this goal.

Our passionate team is made up of secondary school outdoor education teachers, outdoor adventure guides, and members of Rotorua Urban search & rescue team. With our solid background in education, this naturally forms a structured framework for everything we do. Nothing is left to chance, and our contingency planning is top notch. All of our activities are undertaken with a strong safety culture and plan in place. 

When you embark on your adventurous journey with us, you are in safe hands.

At Escape Adventurous Journeys we are all about helping you to make discoveries, get more from your tramping experience and even challenge you so that you can grow through the experience.

If we can plant a seed to inspire you to do more exploring in the outdoors, then we have been successful. We also aim to promote awareness of conservation in the outdoors and aid in personal self-discovery of our clients.

Escape with us.