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School Camps

Escape Adventurous Journeys is your trusted partner when it comes to enriching your school's educational experiences through exciting camps and programs.

Our dedicated team of qualified outdoor instructors collaborates closely with your school staff to ensure a seamless and unforgettable journey for your students.

Safety is our top priority. By partnering with qualified outdoor instructors, we ensure that every aspect of the adventure is delivered with the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our instructors are well-trained to create a secure and controlled environment, allowing students to fully engage in the learning process without any worries.

Here's how we can support your school:

Programme Design and Development:

Our qualified outdoor instructors work hand-in-hand with your school to design and develop tailor-made programs that align precisely with your educational objectives.

Whether the goal is to build teamwork, enhance leadership skills, or promote personal growth, we create engaging and meaningful experiences that cater to your specific needs.

Event Planning, Organization, and Review:

Leave the logistics to us! Our experienced team of outdoor instructors takes care of everything from planning to execution.

This allows teachers and students to focus on learning and enjoying the adventure without any distractions. We also conduct thorough reviews after each event, ensuring continuous improvement and refinement of our programs.

Implementing Ministry of Education EOTC Guidelines:

Rest assured that your outdoor education activities will align with the Ministry of Education EOTC Guidelines: Bringing the Curriculum Alive (2009).

Our qualified outdoor instructors provide expert advice and guidance to ensure a safe and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Facilitating Professional Learning Opportunities in Outdoor Education:

At Escape Adventurous Journeys, we believe in fostering continuous learning in outdoor education.

Our qualified outdoor instructors assist in organizing professional development opportunities for school staff, helping them enhance their teaching methods and expand their knowledge in this field.

Aligning School Programme Content with NZ Curriculum and Best Practices:

We are committed to integrating modern pedagogies and best practices into our programs.

Our team of qualified outdoor instructors ensures that the content of your school’s programs aligns with the NZ curriculum, encompassing place responsiveness, education for sustainability, teaching as inquiry, and effective curriculum integration.

With Escape AJ qualified outdoor instructors, your school can offer students a truly enriching and secure learning experience that goes beyond the confines of the traditional classroom setting

Together, we'll create memories that will last a lifetime, instilling a love for learning and a sense of adventure in every student.

Want to know more?

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