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Holiday Programme / Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

5 Day Leadership Camp Program

5 Days Rotorua

Escape AJ 5-day Leadership Programme: Unleash Your Potential

Welcome to Escape AJ’s immersive 5-day Leadership Programme, specially crafted for young adults aged 16-18. This transformative experience is designed to empower student prefects, sports captains, school council members, and those gearing up for the workforce.

Set against the dynamic backdrop of the great outdoors, our programme delves into leadership theory, skills, and pertinent issues, we try to involve culture, history and conservation into one. We base ourselves in Rotorua and this is where we are based. All participants will need to meet in Rotorua then we supply the transport from here. The first couple of days we will be participating in conservation with a twist of local tourism. We then head out into the bush for and overnight hike. Itinerary will be emailed once all details have been finalised.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Residential Project

For our Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award students, this camp meets the Residential Project requirements. It offers an exciting chance to embark on a shared project away from home, surrounded by new companions, for a minimum of 5 days. Our Leadership Camp, thoughtfully designed by Escape AJ, is the perfect avenue to meet this requirement while having an absolute blast.

Embark on an Environmental Adventure

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating and rewarding environmental adventure! Our 5-day environmental camp, situated in picturesque Rotorua, seamlessly blends conservation activities with thrilling expeditions. Collaborate with local Rotorua community groups passionately dedicated to preserving and safeguarding the natural environment, ensuring it remains a haven for generations to come.

Impactful Conservation Initiatives

During the camp, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to Wingspan, an incredible organization dedicated to supporting wild populations through the release of captive-bred falcons and rehabilitating injured wild birds. Additionally, you’ll make a positive impact by participating in Lake Tarawera Rat Control’s vital conservation efforts.

Join the Adventure Today

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to join Escape AJ’s Leadership Programme for an unforgettable adventure. Develop essential leadership skills while leaving a positive mark on the environment. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and embark on an empowering journey with Escape AJ. Unleash your potential and create memories that last a lifetime. Enroll now!


  • In-depth Navigation and Route Planning Training (hands-on)
  • Local Adventure Activities -Canopy Tours
  • Accommodation provided (Tent or Backcountry Hut)
  • Transportation provided.
  • Qualified Instructor/Assessor with small groups (1-11 participants)
  • All equipment provided if required (Packs, Tents, Cookers, Jackets, Fleeces)
  • Equipment Training for Camp Craft and Cooking
$1000 per person

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Note: There are participant restrictions to run this trip.
Maximum: 10