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SST – Security on Steep Terrain

Keeping your crews safe when felling around cliffs or on steep slopes is a priority for the forestry industry.

Our course is designed around hands-on training in the field, giving your fellers and crew more confidence when working on steep terrain, and allows you to meet your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

If you have employees who are exposed to the hazard of a fall, you are required to take all practicable steps to ensure that your employees are adequately trained and/or supervised to be able to work safely.

Using our total restraint system, the preferred harness system for working around height (sometimes referred to as a travel restraint system), we teach your crews how to minimise the likelihood of any harm resulting from a potential fall when working at height.


This system protects a user from approaching an unprotected edge, thereby preventing a free fall from occurring. With a tailor-made restraint system for tree fellers using chainsaws, the course also covers assisted retravel walk outs and stretcher drag.

The system that we have adopted is light weight and, easy to set up and to operate. With the training, your crews can operate safely, and with confidence.

Course outline:

SST - Security On Steep Terrain


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We can undertake this training New Zealand wide. If you would like to discuss this further with us, please get in touch.