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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Combined Camp

7 Days TBC

Embark on a 7-Day Duke of Edinburgh’s Adventurous Gold Combined Camp.

Experience the Wilderness like Never Before with Our Combined Gold Camp Adventure.

Join us for an incredible 7-day Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold practice camp that combines the excitement of a Practice Camp  and Qualifying camp into one thrilling journey. Over the course of this adventure, spanning 7 days, you’ll immerse yourself in the heart of nature, mastering essential outdoor skills, and conquering challenges that will leave you with lasting memories.


Our camp locations are meticulously chosen across the Central North Island, ensuring safety and track suitability based on weather conditions. Detailed information, including meeting points and times, will be emailed a week before the camp. Our journey typically commences from Rotorua, the cornerstone of this meaningful endeavor.


Forge your path to the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award through this 7-day immersive experience. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!


Day 1: Camp Arrival
Arrive at our camp and begin with a comprehensive gear check, ensuring everyone is well-equipped for the journey ahead. Safety items take precedence. Dive into engaging navigation exercises in the great outdoors. Learn to estimate timeframes and apply your skills practically. Participate in route planning sessions, fostering teamwork and preparation for the upcoming days.

  Day 2: Into the Wilderness
With your overnight camp as your starting point, pack up and tidy your campsite. Delve deeper into navigation exercises and enjoy an invigorating hike. Explore awe-inspiring landscapes while honing your navigation abilities. A group assessment will consolidate your knowledge.

  Day 3: Journey to complete practice camp
Engage in further navigation exercises during the tramp. Bask in nature\\\'s beauty and overcome challenges along the way. Connect with your fellow adventurers and prepare for the next leg of your journey. Travel to new location for the next four days.

  Day 4: New Horizons
Set out on your Qualifying  Camp for a fresh day of exploration. Hike through diverse terrains, applying your navigation prowess. Conquer new challenges and bond with your fellow participants. As the day winds down, you will head to a different location, enriching your experience.

  Day 5: Continued Learning
Resume your adventure with navigation exercises, deepening your understanding of outdoor skills. Embrace the serenity of nature while mastering navigation techniques. Forge unforgettable memories and build lasting friendships.

  Day 6: Navigating the Wild
Navigate through the wilderness, drawing upon your newfound skills to conquer the trails. Revel in your accomplishments and camaraderie. As the journey nears its end, reflect on your growth and achievements.

  Day 7: Triumph and Reflection
Embark on the final leg of your journey, showcasing your navigation proficiency. Celebrate your triumphs with newfound friends before returning home, carrying the lessons, memories, and experiences of this unforgettable 7-day Gold Combined Camp.


  • Comprehensive Navigation and Route Planning Training (hands-on)
  • Accommodation provided (Tent or Backcountry Hut)
  • Transportation arranged.
  • Qualified Instructor/Assessor leading small groups (1-11 participants)
  • All necessary equipment provided (Packs, Tents, Cookers, Jackets, Fleeces)
  • Equipment Training for Camp Craft and Cooking
$800 per person

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