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Holiday Programme / Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Conservative Residential Camp 7 days

7 Days Rotorua

Extended version – 7 days of Awesomeness!

Spend your holidays on an exciting and rewarding environmental adventurous journey!

This five day environmental camp is based in Rotorua and includes five action-packed days where you will enjoy a mix of conservation activities along with adventurous expeditions. You will work alongside some local Rotorua community groups that are doing incredible work in protecting the natural environment, as well as helping people to be able to enjoy it to its fullest.

We will be working alongside Wingspan, which supports wild populations directly by releasing captive bred falcons and rehabilitating injured wild birds. Through research and advocacy, Wingspan also supports long-term sustainable conservation action by identifying the reasons for the decline in wild populations and promoting action to reverse. We will also work with Lake Tarawera Rat Control, and Rotorua Trails Trust.

As part of the camp you will also get to take part in some fantastic local activities such as the zipline Canopy Tours and camping at hot Water beach on Lake Tarawera where you can enjoy the natural hot springs.


Conservative residential camp

This camp can count towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award as your Gold Residential Project

The Residential Award is an additional section at Gold level and is an opportunity to use many of the skills developed during the overall Award experience such as teamwork and leadership. This involves spending five consecutive days and four nights in a residential setting where you are working towards a common purpose.

To find out more about completing your Award through Escape adventurous Journeys head to our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award page.



This has an extended 2 days and the Itinerary will be sent out closer to the date.


  • In-depth Navigation and Route Planning Training (hands-on)
  • Local Adventure Activities -Canopy Tours
  • Accommodation provided (Tent or Backcountry Hut)
  • Transportation provided.
  • Qualified Instructor/Assessor with small groups (1-11 participants)
  • All equipment provided if required (Packs, Tents, Cookers, Jackets, Fleeces)
  • Equipment Training for Camp Craft and Cooking
1250 per person

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Note: There are participant restrictions to run this trip.
Maximum: 5